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Alternative Zone 2003

AltZone is back! You fill find us at the Oldskool area of Assembly '03.


Run around Hartwall Areena!

Poetry Recital

Write a poem about anything and present it in the competition.

Live Music Competition

Details will be released when the compo starts!

Classic Gaming

Saturday-Sunday night at 03:00

Colouring Competition

Participate any time! Get a drawing to be coloured from the AltZone! Colour it and return it to AltZone.

Biking Competition

You have 1 minute to bike as far as you can. Ask some AltZone organiser to take time and write down your result.

For sale:

[ALT] magazine 2 EUR
[ALT] t-shirt 15 EUR
Name badge 1 EUR
Membership 4 EUR

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