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The Alternative Zone 2002

The Alternative Zone ("AltZone") is our contribution to Assembly '02, the largest computer party in the world. While Assembly does not quite represent our idea of "alternative" we do feel it is somewhat complementary to The Alternative Party. Indeed, Assembly '95 -- because of what it was -- lead to the idea of having a truly different event with a much wider range of machines. What we plan to do at this year's Assembly is bring in some of the spirit and experimentation that we feel is so important for the Alternative Party, thus leading to a better Assembly. At the same time we will be telling people about our own event.

Results of all competitions

Results of the Alternative Gaming competition


Shadow Competitions

Continuing the tradition started at Assembly 2001, we will be organising some "alternative" compos with our own prizes and entries. Just for something a bit different and complementary to the massive main competitions.

Analogue ASCII graphics competition

We invented the analogue graphics compo. Now that Assembly has a compo like that of its own, we go one step further.

Unplugged live music compo

One-page short story compo

Alternative classic game compo

NetHack compo

You can connect to your NetHack server via telnet and play the latest version of NetHack. The best score wins.

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