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27-Jun-2002: The date for Alternative Party IV has been confirmed. It is 10th-12th January 2003.

31-May-2002: Information about The Alternative Stork Party released.

18-Jan-2002: The party was a blast! See the galleries and IRC logs at! Some competition entries there, too.

07-Jan-2002: We have made a deal with a local McDonald's restaurant next to Gloria - they give nice discounts for party visitors. More info

07-Jan-2002: One of the creators of the Amiga series of computers and Atari Lynx, RJ Mical, has confirmed that he will visit our party.

06-Jan-2002: Added new page for the schedule and other information.

05-Jan-2002: Teque's new cd will be for sale at the party place.

03-Jan-2002: Miscellaneous updates. Two new competitions. A new sponsor - Damicon Kraa - will provide us with an SGI Indigo workstation to be given as a prize.

15-Dec-2001: Advance ticket sales has ended. Buy your ticket at the door.

03-Dec-2001: Alternative Party ry is now officially a registered organization.

03-Dec-2001: Commodore 64 invitation intro released by Dekadence. It is available at the archive page.

01-Dec-2001: We have extended the pre-payments deadline. The new deadline for payments is 15th December.

27-Nov-2001: PC ASCII invitation intro released by Sol/Trauma and music by Teque. Get it here. Other invitations are available in the archive.

27-Nov-2001: As a part of Sol's invitro, Teque released the unofficial official Alternative Party theme. Get it here. More art available in our art section. Feel free to contribute!

27-Nov-2001: The legendary CnCd has announced they will be playing live with a Nintendo Game Boy. See the artist pages for more information.

13-Nov-2001: We are now accepting pre-payments. Pay before Dec 1st and get your ticket for 5 euros less! More information on the info pages.

12-Nov-2001: Wildfire released their invitation intro for the Atari Falcon! Get it here.

10-Nov-2001: The magical C64 guy, Tero, has promised a new musical performance with his trustworthy SID, synthesisers etc.

09-Nov-2001: More artists confirmed! Now we have a total of of five: Pnmf!, Telamurska, Happo, No I Aint and Analogia. More info from the artists page.

08-Nov-2001: DataClub confirmed it is going to sponsor our party and provide books for prizes to our competitions.

12-Oct-2001: DLX Deluxe Music agreed to sponsor our party with their arsenal of state-of-the-art synthesizers and effects equipment for our Live Music Competition.

27-Sep-2001: Posters available, and poster placement compo announceed. See the archive.

11-Sep-2001: The United States in chaos. We claim no responsibility.

07-Sep-2001: The date and place of the third Alternative Party have been set. The place is Kulttuuriareena Gloria (Helsinki, Finland) and the date is 11th-13th Jan 2002.

08-Aug-2001: The Alternative Zone at Assembly'01 was a success. Read the information about it from our Alternative Zone community page.

02-Aug-2001: officially opened!

02-Aug-2001: Alternative Zone at Assembly '01 from 2nd to 5th of August in the Oldskool area!