[Archives of the Alternative Party]


Mikko Rautalahti's interview about our Assembly'01 'Alternative Zone'

Assembly2000's eZINE has an entry about our protest at the huge Finnish party

Ravel (Travel? ;-) being interviewed for a gaming magazine at Assembly (Finnish)

Ravel and Setok interviewed for AssemblyTV (Finnish). Sorry about M$-format, anyone got an MPEG or even QT?

Alternative Stork Party

Pictures by Timo Rossi

Pictures by Quaz

Pictures by Raymon

Pictures by pHx

Pictures by Juan

The original Stork website

Alternative Party III

Pictures by Sol

Arto's pictures

Msk's pictures from Altparty

Article at Peliplaneetta.net

Lots of pictures and IRC logs

Pictures from SlengPung.com

Sektori.com interviews Setok - in Finnish.

Sektori.com tells about the party - in Finnish.

Pictures by CCR

Pictures by windi

A small news story by MBnet in Finnish.

A news story by MikroPC magazine (written by Arto Teräs)

CiH's Altparty page with reports from each party

Control-Alternate-Terminate - the Alternative Party theme tune by Teque: mp3 XM

Invitation demos/videos/texts

PC ASCII invitation intro coded by Sol/Trauma. Contains the tune above.

Invitation intro for the Atari Falcon 030 by Wildfire.

Invitation intro for Commodore 64 by Dekadence.

Invitation video by Nosfe: QuickTime MPEG

Invitation Text


Posters are available here (the files all represent the same poster, just in differenf formats) and here. Please spread these everywhere. The most outrageous and visual placements will receive a prize. Send photos or other evidence to Setok

A GIF version of Setok's version of the poster.

Check this out, too: A poster by CCR

It is also worthwhile reading and spreading our manifesto. Good place to stick it: toilets. There's nothing else to do there anyway than read whatever's on the walls.

Ravel has also produced 7 different flyers for the event. These flyer sheets are meant to be A4 size. Flyer sheets: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

2 Alternative Party

2 Alternative Party webpage

Pictures from 2 Alt Party by Ravel

More pictures of the 2 Alt Party by Stibe

Compo entries from both parties

Finnish article on sektori.com about the 2 Alternative Party

2 Alternative Party results

Some 2 Alternative Party pictures before, during and after the party.

2 Alternative Party A4 poster.

Postscript version of poster.

An ad for the 2 Alternative Party.

The 2 Alternative Party invitation text

First Alternative Party

Party report by Tempest/Damage

Results from the first Alternative Party

The original Alternative Party website

Finnish article in Turun Sanomat about the first Alternative Party

Finnish news article at IT-Viikko online. The same news also appeared in the Tietokone magazine's online service.